Antique Company Mall 213 E. Virginia St. McKinney, Texas 75069

Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Post

Welcome to my first post! I am still trying to find my way through the landmine of selling vintage items in an antique mall. I am fortunate to have one of the best teachers "Ella" which happens to be my dear wife. These pictures are a sampling of some of the great things I have for sale. You need to come by and see (and purchase) them in McKinney, Texas at the Antique Company Mall.

Everyone says I have a "look" but I am just buying things that are appealing to my eye and I hope others will like also. One of the primary reasons that I opened my own space is that as I traveled with Ella on buying trips I would gravitate towards old radios, whites and silver. Ella would be pulled towards anything rusty or cream. This has worked out well for me since I don't have to compete with Ella (She has a sharp eye and is quick to spot the good finds).
We are having fun out on adventures and I will share those with you when I can.
Blogland is a good place to be!


  1. Wow, when Ms. Ella was introducing you I didn't realize she also meant you had your own blog, until I saw you on her side bar! How exciting for you Mr. Ella! You do have a great eye and you have the best teacher around. Looking forward to many many more posts.

  2. Welcome to Blogworld, Honey!
    You can expect great things to happen...

  3. Welcome to blogging. I love your wife's blogs. I am a dealer in an antiques mall too and after having a blog for a couple of years I am finally getting the 'what do I want to write about' answer. Right now, I write about selling in an antiques mall interspersed with pictures of my space. Its an ongoing learning experience.
    - Joy

  4. You do have a "look" and I "like" (at least from the pics)...Welcome to blogging. WARNING: it can become addictive. But, I'm sure you are way to busy "beating the bushes" finding things for your amazing booth. Keep Junkin'. I signed up as a follower. Would love for you to check my blog out, comment, & follow if you like. tiff

  5. Well Mr do have your own look and I can't wait to see more pics! Great start! Janna